Flexit UNI 4 Hybrid Filter Carbon Filter Original


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Flexit Hybrid filter UNI 4, 1 activated carbon filter

Approx. dimensions: 459x207x31

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Flexit UNI 4 Hybrid Filter Carbon Filter Original

The hybrid filter is a carbon filter that you use on the supply air to remove any odors / odors from the outside that you do not want to have in the house. The life of the filter can vary from 1 day to 1 year depending on what you filter, generally you change the filter when you feel the smell you want to filter.

This Flexit original filter fits FTX units: Spirit UNI 4

Worth to consider before buying:

Replaces the normal supply air filter. Higher pressure drop and limited service life.


Data sheet

Dimension A (Largest dimension) mm:
Dimension B (middle dimension) mm:
Dimensions C (Thickness / Deep bag) mm:

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