Futurum 200 serien Kolfilter Tvättbart
Futurum 200 serien Kolfilter Tvättbart

Futurum 200 Series Carbon Filter Washable


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Futurum 200 Series Washable Carbon Filter 130622

Franke kitchen fans that can be converted:

  • Futurum F210
  • Futurum F215
  • Futurum F231
  • The carbon filter replaces the existing grease filter in the grate on the suction side.

    Dimension approximately: 360 x 260 mm

Backorder, delivery time 5-15 days

Futurum 200 Carbon Filter Washable

The Futurum 130622 carbon filter is used to convert Futurum kitchen fans to carbon filter fans.

Carbon filter cleaning

The filter is washed in a dishwasher (Only the carbon filter, or the entire filter cassette). NOTE! Wash the filter separately, otherwise food residues may get stuck in the filter.

Laundry program: The most effective program, Temperature 55 ° C or 65 ° C

Use regular dishwasher powder.

The filter can be dried in the dishwasher, in the oven (100 ° C - 10 min) And / or in the fan (run the fan for about 15 min)


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