Electrolux RLT51 Kolfilter
Electrolux RLT51 Kolfilter

Electrolux RLT51 Carbon Filter


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Washable carbon filter for kitchen fans

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Electrolux RLT51Washable carbon filter

This washable carbon filter RLT51 is washable and comes with a Grease Filter.

Washable carbon filter RLT51 for Electrolux kitchen fan:



EFT5436 / S

EFT5446 / S


Unlike traditional carbon filters, this carbon filter can be cleaned and reused.

The best way to clean the filter is to machine wash it at the highest heat (65 degrees Celsius) with standard dishwasher detergent.

The filter should be cleaned separately to prevent the accumulation of food debris and other debris that cause bad odor.

After cleaning, the filter must be dried for 10 minutes in the oven at 100 degrees Celsius before it can be used again.

In normal use of the fan, the filter should be cleaned once every two months.

The carbon filter retains its suction capacity for three years after which it should be replaced.

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