Franke 200 serien Metalltrådsfilter
Franke 200 serien Metalltrådsfilter

Franke 200 Series Metal Wire Filter


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Franke metal wire filter for Franke 200 series, Grease filter that can withstand machine wash

Dimensions: 358x255mm

Frankes article number: 130817

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Metal wire filter Franke 200 series

Grease filter for stove fan Franke 200 series and Futurum 200 series

Fits Frankes kitchen fan models:

Franke F210, Franke 210

Franke F215, Franke 215

Franke F230, Franke 230

Franke F231, Franke 231

Franke F240, Franke 240

Franke F243, Franke 243

Franke F250, Franke 250

Franke F251, Franke 251

Franke F260, Franke 260

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France's new art no: 112.0035.589

France's old art no: 130817

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