Fresh TL-F Miljöfilter
Fresh TL-F Miljöfilter

Fresh TL-F Environmental Filter


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Environment filter

Filter class: F7.


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Effectively filters:

Traffic Exhaust


Virus etc.

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Fresh TL-F Environmental Filter 1-Pack

Filters with extremely high separation rate. Fresh TL-F Environmental Filter is used in combination with the standard filter.

Fresh TL-F Environmental Filter has electronically charged fibers that act as a magnet. Effectively filters traffic emissions, bacteria, viruses, etc. Efficiency results in rapid clogging, therefore replacements should be made at regular intervals. Temperature up to 100 ° C, Class EU7.

The smooth plastic surface should be outwards towards the room, this filter is used together with the standard filter which remains in the middle.

Quick facts TL-F Environmental filter

Closer than the standard filter and pollen filter.

Filter class: EU7

Length: 140 mm

Height: 140 mm

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